About Us

The water is taken from Chingilli spring and provided through non-corrosive pipeline from the distance of 2.5 km where the spring issues, trickled down from the slopes of the Lesser Caucasus and streaming as fountain, the Chingilli water proved to have very specific taste and conducive to digestion. The composition of the water has been tested in laboratories of Azerbaijan, as well as of Turkey, Israel and Iran. Result of tests have demonstrated that the water contains unique combination of microelements and minerals, having moderate effect on metabolism, physical and chemical processes and has good index of uptake. It is very light, not causing any f flatulence. It causes no incrustation, in contrary, it dissolves layer, eliminates harmful products, rapidly quenches thirst, and dissolves nephrolithiasis. Taking into consideration all this quality of the Chingilli water, the need of people, we in 2007 have decided to bottle the water of Chingilli and provide it to the market. We established a factory in Kechili village, Shahbuz district, and gave start to producing the water. The water is bottled in highly hygienic conditions.

By producing the water of Chingilli, this wondrous and unique gift of the mother earth of Nakhchivan, we aim to be of service to our people, to meet needs of our people in healthy water ad to contribute to the economics of the country, Water of Chingilli is produced in bottles of 0.5; 1; 5; 10 and 19 liters. It is provided free of charge to homes and offices along with markets.