Büllur bulaqların şahı - "Çınqıllı bulaq"

The great God created the land of the Fires from their generous generosity. At the peak of the mountain, where the sky and the sky unite, the direction of our mountains, which flows in the direction of the fog, is flowing like ice and ice from the lake. One of them is the famous “Çıngıllı Spring” in Shahbuz Mountains. The Jamal Tower, the Three Brothers, the Agluk, the Arijari, the Mount of Sheepshells, have a giant stadium in the midst of its arc as a roof of stones. If you hit each other, fire will come. As God raises the sky, as the people’s poet Samed Vurgun says, the hard winds blowing like a sword in the snow, floods the mountains and fills the staircase all the winter. This snow-ice bed, up to 3,000 meters above sea level, leaks from the seven layers of up to 2 kilometers up the slopes to the shoulder, holding the hand up to 10 in the eye of a fountain in the shoreline of the “sweet river”. “Cingilli” is a fragment of a mirror that fell from the dome of the sky to the floor:

Çilingul-Natural Fountain Water. The cool water of the Çıngıl fountain is drawn from the foot of the Aranci Mountain and some of the pipes are inside the village. The Shahbuz Mountains, chosen by its natural nature and natural resources, its beauty, the beauty of nature in the Kecili village, the vividness of the mountains, the eye-catching landscapes, crystal springs are popular not only in Kecili village but also in Azerbaijan, in the former USSR, Iran, The Chingilli springs were selected according to their quality. Garbage juice is very light, it does not make foam, it does not produce foam (rather than erp), it is a natural spring water that cleans out the organism, removes thirst quickly, melts its stones and, in a word, is a very useful element to the human body.In Kecili village of Shahbuz region “Chingilli-Bulaq” LLC equipped with modern equipment. A large factory was set up on 07.01.2009 and was put into production. The water is packed in the factory following all hygienic rules.