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“Cingilli-Bulag” LLC, equipped with modern equipment in Kecili village of Shahboz region. A large factory was set up on 07.01.2009 and was put into production. The water is packed in the factory following all hygienic rules.

Cingilli water is very light, it does not make foam, it does not make pellets (in contrast, erupe), it is a natural spring water that cleans out the organism, removes thirst quickly, melts kidney stones and, in a word, is very useful to the human body.

The cool water of the Cingilli is cut off from the foot of the Aranci Mountain and some of the pipes were laid inside the village. The Shahbuz Mountains, chosen by its nature and natural resources, the beauty of nature in the village of Kecili, a lake of its own, Vulgarity in the mountains, eye-catching landscapes, crystal springs The Kecili village, famous not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the former USSR, Iran and Turkey, was chosen accordingly.


Unfortunately, despite the fact that they pay no less than the water, buyers are uncertain about the quality of water. According to statistical data, at least 1 of every 10 stores worldwide are poor, even damaged. Sometimes, even using the logos of the most famous brands, those who offer ordinary krank water primitive filtering are also available in the market. The situation with the water is also not good. It is often the case when the water is so clean that the consumer should identify himself with some signs or criteria. For example, it is best to take care of where the water is taken and where it is packaged: Ideally these two places should be alike. We are producers. But first AZERBAIJANI! We know that the quality of the products we produce increases not only our trust, but also the citizens’ respect for our country and our country! We promise that we will always be supplying quality fresh spring water even if we are materially damaged!

Clean water is essential for the normal functioning of all of the human interior systems. He is responsible for our body’s elasticity. Lubricates all joints for convenient flow of food. Another interesting fact is that pure water is an excellent tool to get rid of excess weight. This is due to the fact that not only water reduces appetite, but also accumulates rice as soon as possible. Only in a properly balanced water environment, fat cells can leave our body.Su is a heat carrier and a regulator of heat. That takes just over the heat. The timely reception of clean water protects the body against possible burns. If you are doing daily physical activities or sport activities, you must drink about 1 liter of clean water every hour to keep your health. Even without work, you have to constantly monitor your body’s water supply and, if necessary, complete it. At present, almost all the buildings are air-conditioned. As a result, my body may experience dehydration, that is, thirst. We must drink clean, pure water so that all these situations do not cause ill effects.

The lack of water in the human body has many manifestations of the number of illnesses found in medicine. For this reason, ear ache in children can not result in infection, asthma, then geneological structural disorders, autoimmune diseases, and even cancer, and even cancer. Our body survives in the real sense of the word exactly from the many complex functions In organism, for example, there is no water supply system, unlike oil reserves. We must regulate this reserve ourselves. As a result of dehydration, the organism’s ability to regulate its function and the loss of chemical functions can show its consequences for later generations. Therefore, it is necessary to detect dangerous diseases such as asthma, allergies and gastritis by means of digestion of the body with water. It is necessary to know how important it is for the developing organism. Daily consumption of water is the most effective tool for early aging.

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